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To eradicate Aiptasia & Manjano anemones

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AiptaCap – 40g

To eradicate Aiptasia & Manjano anemones

AiptaCap helps prevent the spread of aiptasia and manjano anemones that can quickly become a plague in a coral aquarium, if left untreated. Once out of control, the complete removal is then virtually impossible. Therefore, it is important to act immediately. AiptaCap comes ready to use in a syringe and can be used immediately, without mixing or filling. Feed a small amount into the mouth of aiptasia and manjano anemones, leaving only a thin layer. Damage to corals and other animals can only occur if AiptaCap gets on to their cellular tissue, due to strong currents, if the water is heavily polluted by large-scale treatment or the pH value is extremely high.

Please shake well before use. Reduce aquarium flow or temporarily turn off so that AiptaCap will not be washed onto corals. Feed a small amount into the mouth of aiptasia and manjano anemones. It is not necessary to cover them completely with AiptaCap. After around ten minutes, resume normal aquarium flow.


In order to keep the water pollution by dying aiptasia or manjanos as low as possible, we recommend a dosage of max. 40 g (1 injection) per 200 l of aquarium water per week.

Side effects:
An increase in pH may occur during use.

Calcium causticum, E 127, Aqua dem.

Content: 40 g

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