Nano Complete Care Set


Nano Care Set contains the most important care products for nano aquaria in one set.

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The Nano Care Set contains the most important care products for nano aquaria in one set:Nano Water Conditioner: Makes tap water safe for mini aquaria. Special protection formula for shrimps, crabs and crayfish. 1. neutralises dangerous chlorine immediately. 2. binds toxic heavy metals such as copper, zinc and lead. 3. adds natural bio-active ingredients and care substances. 4. 15 ml for 150 l of fresh water. Nano Crusta-Fit: Vital substances for shrimps, crayfish and crabs. 1.for good health and brilliant, rich colours. 2. vital vitamins and trace elements. 3. with bioactive calcium for problem-free moulting. 4. 15 ml for 600 l of aquarium water. Nano Daily Fertilizer: Complete fertilizer for magnificent plants in mini aquaria. 1.highly active nutrients – immediately effective. 2.for rich green leaves and radiant colours. 2.phosphate- and nitrate-free – does not promote algae growth. 3. 3×15 ml for 3,000 l of aquarium water


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