Overflow box OFB 5000 l


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For connecting to an under tank filter system

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For connecting to an under tank filter system

The Aqua Medic Overflow box has to be mounted to the side or back wall  of the aquarium. A constant water level is maintained after starting the overflow. Water circulation is achieved by pumping water from the sump into the aquarium and then via the Overflow box back into the sump. This makes it possible to connect aquaria to cabinet filter systems without having to drill holes in the aquarium. The Overflow box is manufactured from acrylic and is available in two capacities: OFB 2500 for up to 2,500 l/h (app. 625 gph), OFB 5000 for up to 5,000 l/h (app. 1,250 gph).
Connection: 32 mm

OFB 2500
 (l x w x h): app. 19x18x25 cm (app. 8” x 7.2” x 10”)
OFB 5000 (l x w x h): app. 19x25x25 cm (app. 8” x 10” x 10”)

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