Premium Line RO System 120-300 lt.


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Reverse osmosis systems for the treatment of tap water from 120- 300 l / day

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For the production of soft and low-salt water for marine and freshwater aquariums, for spraying terrariums and many other applications.

120 – 300 l / day – premium line 300

The reverse osmosis systems premium line 300 are compact and versatile systems of the top class. They are equipped with two large 10 “pre-filter housings. The filter inserts (activated carbon and fine filter) can be easily replaced. All components, the pre-filter housing and the membrane module are mounted on a stable, powder-coated bracket. The fine filter retains all dirt particles over 5 µm. The activated carbon pre-filter removes chlorine to protect the membrane. The membrane is the heart of the system and is crucial for pure water quality. In our systems we only work with the latest generation of TFC (polyamide / polysulfone) membranes. The systems have a flushing valve and thus achieve a yield ( Waste water: pure water) of 3-4: 1. The salt retention rate is up to 98%.

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