RO Membrane 400/100 GPD for platinum line plus


100 GPD replacement membrane for AQUA MEDIC Platinum Line Plus aquarium reverse osmosis system.

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100 GPD replacement membrane for AQUA MEDIC Platinum Line Plus aquarium reverse osmosis system. The action of the membrane is to remove elements that are harmful to the aquarium water, such as heavy metals, certain bacteria, mineral salts and only allow H2O molecules to pass.

Usage tips : When using your reverse osmosis unit for the first time, as well as when replacing the membrane, 30 to 40 liters of water produced should be allowed to flow in order to eliminate the membrane preservation liquid, before the reverse osmosis water can be used. . The osmosis unit always works with water at room temperature. Never treat water that is too hot (more than 35°C) or too cold (less than 10°C). A temperature beyond these limits will irreparably damage the membrane. The optimal production of osmosis water is done at a temperature of 25°C. The passage of water through the membrane involves a strong enough pressure (greater than 2.5 bars) for the reverse osmosis to be activated. The ideal pressure being 4 to 4.5 bars. If the flow rate from your faucet is too low, we recommend using a booster pump.

It is recommended to rinse the membrane every month, according to the following procedure:

1. disconnect the pressure reducer

2. let the water run for 20-25 minutes

3. reconnect the pressure reducer.

Important: the indicated flow rate is reached under optimal conditions. This can vary depending on the pressure at the outlet of your tap as well as the temperature of the water to be treated. Replacing the cartridges and the membrane of the aquarium osmosis unit We advise you to replace the carbon and sediment cartridges every 3500-4000 liters of treated tap water or every 6 months. The membrane must be changed every year, except in the event of prolonged non-use of the osmosis unit, the membrane dries out and must be changed immediately.

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