Shrimp King Protein


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Shrimp King Protein is a premium protein feed for shrimps.

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 Shrimp King Protein is a premium protein feed for shrimps. Sinking, water-stable feed pads consisting of 100% natural ingredients. With raised protein content and valuable amino acids. For healthy, colourful shrimps. Dennerle Shrimp King Protein has significantly higher protein content in comparison with the main food at 42.2%. It is fed as part of the normal feeding programme for variety and as a nutritional supplement. At the same time, Shrimp King Protein enables an increased protein supply during times of increased need e.g. during the reproduction phase and egg formation. Shrimp species with inherently higher protein requirements can also feed appropriately for their species. The proteins and essential amino acids all originate primarily from aquatic animals (Gammarus, Daphnia, decapsulated Artemia cysts, shrimps, green-lipped mussel) and as a result have optimum nutritional composition and bioavailability.


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